How to write the perfect branding brief?

How to write the perfect branding brief?

How to Write a Creative Logo Design Brief

A creative and well-written logo design brief helps you with making designers understand what they are supposed to do. An excellent brief keeps the designers on the right track towards designing the perfect logo for your business. Many people face this common problem while writing a brief for logo design is that they don’t know what information to add and what not. A creative brief has a few key components which should be kept in mind while writing. In this article, we are going to talk about those. But first, let’s talk about

What does a logo design brief mean?

A logo design brief is a document you provide to your designer or someone who does the graphical works. In this document, you write all your thoughts about the design and the other necessary info. It is a must needed element for a designer to start designing for your cause; a brief gives the designer clues and ideas about your business and its goal. So, the brief should contain as relevant information as possible to your business.

And why it is very important for your business?

The main reason why a good brief is so important is that it is the fundamental element of the whole project. And without starting on the right foot, you will only come upon setbacks. You end up spending more money than you wanted to, and it’s not ideal for your business. To avoid such a situation, a little more work during the initial stage should be done, and the first step is creating a creative brief for logo design.  And to ace that, here are a few things you should keep in mind while writing the logo design brief.

  1. Provide all the necessary information:

Include every single detail about your company. Starting from its name to target audience, company slogan, products, industry, brand value etc. All this information helps the designer get a precise idea about your business plus the industry you are in, which assists him to design the best possible logo or visual identity for your business.

  • Describe Your Desired Logo Style

In some cases, your business might have a theme, a colour, a font style or something like that. In these cases, you better communicate with the designer if including that colour or font will be a good idea or not. You should express what kind of logo you need, and mention the style as well. If you got inspiration from some other logo or design, you should provide those in briefs.

  • Clarity in Budget and Time

One of the best features about a well-written brief is that it includes how much you are willing to pay and how much time you can spare, which gives the designer a whole idea of what he is going to do and how it is worthy of his time and talent. It uplifts his spirit to do some sound design in due time.

  • List of Few Competitors

You should add a few competitors’ information from the industry in which your business belongs to the brief. So that the designer can look around and get ideas, figure out what’s wrong in their design and improvise. It is an excellent tool for designers to come up with a better design than their competitors.