Completing Your Social Profiles

Completing Your Social Profiles

It’s a simple yet essential tip: If your organizations profiles aren’t complete, they won’t be as effective as they should be. Each social media platform provides a different window of opportunity to show off your goals and your achievements – which are important and makes you look professional. In order to establish a compelling presence on various social media platforms, you have to leverage the different advantages of each.

Here’s a few heads up about what to do on some top social media platforms:

It is the largest social media platform right now, and plenty of organizations miss out to make the most out of Facebook. They forget about the Facebook’s “about” section, where you can share information about what your organization does, who you are, what’s your goal, how to reach you etc. and most importantly your organizations whereabouts and websites.


It allows you to write a short and meaningful bio about your organization. You should be as expressive as you can with the limited words here so people can relate to you and your stories through less words. you should use relevant meaningful hashtags and a link to your organization’s website.


LinkedIn offers the most in-depth profile for your organization to make it look professional. Fill out every section as thoroughly as possible, and don’t forget to include awards, volunteer work, accomplishments, services, how to reach etc.